Programmatic Display and Mobile


Data driven audience compilation helps enormously in reducing costs and winning the best paying clients. Analyses of multiple data points at different steps of sales funnels is the key to building a successful strategy on DSP Platforms or RTB Platforms.

With a relatively dull CTR of 0.1% targeted display, advertising remains an important tool primarily following two main purposes: (1) Brand Awareness, and (2) Traffic Acquisition. With low numbers of ‘direct’ conversions, display ads exert a strong power in influencing online (and offline) purchasing decisions.


‘Retargeting’ is an essential tool in the process of converting warm traffic into actual customers. Our beloved term ‘warm traffic’ simply means any type of audience that has somehow shown an interest in your product either by visiting your site, or by searching for certain relevant keywords and/or phrases which will be targeted with banners.

AB Testing

Our goal is not to look smart and play with clever sounding professional terms. However, testing (including AB testing) is everything in conversion optimization. And we have, in house, all the expertise and tools necessary to achieve certain KPI’s at the least cost.


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